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Please Note when contacting me, that there may be a delay in responding to your inquiry. I have a full schedule of classes with additional appointments and private classes not shown here as well as a busy home life to manage. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Terms & Conditions


Sessions are one hour in duration and held at Minster Pilates Studio in Southwell, unless specified otherwise on the class timetable.

Classes must be paid for in full and in advance of the course/block start date in order to secure your place. Payment is to be made by bank transfer. No refunds of pre-payment can be given 72hrs prior to or after the course/block start date.

Bookings are valid for the course dates for which they were registered and any missed sessions cannot be carried over or transferred into the next block under any circumstances. I will send a link for a pre- recorded class video to those participants who have to miss a class. There is no transferal of classes from block to block or to another participant.


Block Booking

Courses follow Nottingham school term dates, usually in 6 week blocks. Price adjustments will be made for blocks which vary from the usual 6 weeks. Participants from the current block will have priority for the upcoming block spaces over the waiting list to ensure their progression and continuity of practice.      


Participants book a block of six sessions (one per week) at their preferred day and time by contacting me and I will add you to the register for that particular session and confirm it with you upon receipt of full payment. There is No pay as you go option as the block sessions are designed and planned to be progressive and therefore not best suited to drop in or sporadic attendance.                                                                                                    

For those of you who like to attend two sessions per week, the blocks will need to be registered in the same way by choosing the time and days that suit you best and paying in advance of the course to secure your places. 

School Holiday classes, if scheduled, will run at a reduced timetable and run on a pre-booked basis. Regular block bookers will have first refusal on their preferred class day and time for these sessions



Exceptional Circumstances

If for any reason the session has to be cancelled by me, I will offer a choice of options; I can either adjust your next block payment, refund for the missed class or provide a Vimeo pre-recorded class session via email for you to do at home.

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