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Welcome to Minster Pilates



Firstly, it is important to reassure you that a warm, supportive environment awaits you when you come along to my group classes or private appointments. My Classes are Fun and all of the exercises can be adapted to suit peoples individual needs and abilities so there's really nothing to worry about!


I have years of experience in teaching Pilates and group exercise classes before that. However, it wasn't until I suffered a serious back injury myself that I came to really rely upon Pilates exercise and mat work system. It's fair to describe me as obsessed with Pilates and constantly in awe of how strong my body can be and of the flexibility I have gained from it. This system really does 'Have my back'!

I have very much embraced the Mind & Body connection side of Pilates and discovered that here lies the true benefits to this wonderful program, I haven't looked back since doing so, it's seen me through lots of life's ups and downs, made me grateful for the mobility I have and taught me to respect and love my body.

I love to share my passion for movement with others and those 'light bulb moments' where my lovely students amaze themselves with a movement or exercise they didn't know they had in them is a real privilege to witness and be a part of.

I am a proud associate of J.Pilates Ltd in London and am constantly investing in myself as a teacher and updating my knowledge and skills to be able to give people the best classes I can.

As Joseph Pilates himself said "It is the mind itself which shapes the body" and how true that is. I believe a deep understanding and level of respect towards your physical self brings about immense calm, strength and balance to your mental well-being, in today's fast paced and pressurised society we simply cannot afford to overlook this.

In my Mat Pilates sessions you will follow progressive exercise lessons, guided relaxation and essential breathing techniques as well as postural correction in a fun, welcoming setting.

I will work with you to tailor the exercises to your individual needs in either a group, semi private or one to one session depending upon your requirements.

I give modifications and levels to all of the exercises to ensure that all participants needs are catered for.

One of the wonderful things about Pilates, besides how effective and measurable it is, is that this low impact, non-competitive exercise is suitable for everyone and can be adapted to the individual.

You can learn more about the history of Pilates Here.

In a world where almost everything is instantaneous and we demand fast easy-fix results it is refreshing to take an hour for yourself, give your full attention to your body and put your trust in a process which will undoubtedly reward you and enrich your life.

The sessions are progressive and this is where the trust becomes important.... to quote Joseph Pilates "In 10 sessions you will Feel the difference, in 20 you will See the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body" This is an exercise program/ lifestyle choice which requires some commitment to gain the full benefits. For this reason, I work in term time blocks of usually 6 weeks, with pay as you go classes during school holidays for those who can make it. Booking a block of lessons keeps you committed to the process, as well as to yourself and allows us to build up to the bigger moves gradually together. Group classes are small, usually 12 - 14 max to ensure you get the attention you need and deserve.  

So weather you are interested in alleviating pain, gaining flexibility or complimenting other activities, there are so many reasons to make Pilates a part of your life. 

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